Material specs

Did you know that all of Uniqwa's timber pieces are sourced sustainably, being either reclaimed or plantation wood and that we do not use any rainforest timber in our designs?⁠

With a transparent chain of emergence and production, Uniqwa connects each piece back to its natural origin, so you can see where your beautiful Uniqwa pieces' journey started. Where possible, we use reclaimed, recycled, and even wood scraps (typically considered wastage) to create sustainable furniture and many of our designs are created with this in mind.⁠

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Timber characteristics

Find out about the organic characteristics present in our wood items.


From its beautifully unique patterns to its various earthy colour tones, our munggur pieces add warmth and texture to any indoor or outdoor undercover space. 


From teak roots to branches, plantation teak and reclaimed aged teak, we use a variety of teak products in our designs.


This strong, hardwood offers a beautiful warm golden colouring to our pieces.


Offering a beautiful historical backstory, our reclaimed elm pieces add a level of character to any indoor space.


Soft in colour, this wood features low natural oil levels.


Refined in appearance this wood offers a blonde colour tone with a soft grey wash.


All materials are sustainability sourced with the intention of creating forever pieces for any space. The majority of our Uniqwa textile elements are made from a durable blend of cotton, linen, jute and/or polyester, making them perfect for various spaces.

Other materials

From water hyacinth to rattan, quick-dry foam to iron and aluminium, our pieces are constructed using high-quality materials.


Whether it's to enhance, protect or refine, some of our pieces require additional finishes like powder coating, bees wax, paint, top coat and sanding.