Designed with humanity & consciousness

With a courageous mindset and social conscious, Uniqwa sets out to balance purpose and profit.

With a transparent chain of emergence and production Uniqwa connects each piece back to its natural origin, so you can see where your Uniqwa piece started.



To be environmentally responsible is one of our core values. We manage our timber supply chain with humanity & consciousness.

We believe in the closed-loop cycle of recycling.  Where possible we use reclaimed, recycled and even wood scraps to create sustainable furniture. Many of our designs are created with this in mind.

Our goal is to design furniture that can be used throughout a lifetime or that can be continually reused.

We are committed to Uniqwa Collections' timber pieces being sourced sustainably; being either reclaimed or sustainably sourced plantation wood. We also focus on reducing the environmental impact of our designs by using alternatives to furniture stains where possible, for eg; the Show Sugi Ban burning method instead of using black furniture stain.

We strongly refuse to support any manufacture that does not adhere to Eco ethical practice. We do not produce any items that have been made from rainforest timber.

Our goal is to not simply comply with environmental standards, but ensure that the local communities we work within are respected by protecting their habitats of endangered plant and animal species.

We  the environment as much as we love great design, our conscious effort to offer responsible, eco-friendly furniture is a founding part of Uniqwa Collections.