Plantation Teak

Sustainably harvested from Indonesian plantations, our teak is highly durable for outdoor conditions as it can withstand various weather elements and repel against bugs and moisture retention.

The natural colouring of plantation teak can differ from region to region due to the different natural oils found in the soil and the surrounding natural elements found within that region. Over time, teak will patina beautifully into a silvery-grey appearance. Alternatively, a natural teak oil or wax can be applied to prevent greying; however, this will alter the product's overall appearance.

The strength properties of teak wood, combined with its naturally high oil levels, allow it to weather gracefully whilst maintaining its integrity, which is why it's suitable for full outdoors.

Teak Branches 

Sustainably harvested from Indonesian plantations, our teak branches are collected from both discarded branches that are traditionally not used in timber harvesting and from young trunks of slower growing plantation trees. Typically, plantation trees are planted closely together; the faster-growing trees are kept while the slower growing trees are cut and removed to allow space for the fast growers. 

These parts of the teak tree do not contain much heartwood but rather a sapwood, which is softer and lighter in colour and absorbs more moisture from the air. If used in outdoor spaces, these products made from teak branches should be treated with a surface protector to reduce moisture absorption.  

Teak Roots 

Sustainably harvested from Indonesian plantations, teak roots are usually considered by-products of timber or waste items and are traditionally not used in timber harvesting. Teak roots are very high in natural oils and typically have a darker grain with a naturally oily feel. Furniture pieces made from teak roots are sustainable and unique due to the roots' natural artistic shape that cannot be replicated by any human hand or advanced woodworking machinery.

Reclaimed aged teak

Once teak has been harvested, the timber is left to soak in organic mud, allowing it to absorb all of the natural enriching minerals and colour sediments before being kiln-dried. This process encourages an accelerated rustic grey grain colour to appear, creating a beautiful, weathered finish that usually occurs after some time left oxidising in the natural elements.

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Reclaimed teak

A beautiful part of our reclaimed teak pieces is the historical stories behind them - where they're sourced from and how they've been repurposed into one-of-a-kind Uniqwa pieces.  

Reclaimed teak is teak that has been selectively salvaged from fallen old Javanese buildings, decommissioned Javanese fishing boats, or antique rice field ploughs and then transformed into hand-crafted furniture. 

After decades of exposure to the elements, the teak wood remains durable and strong and naturally, the timber ages, adding unique markings and diverse colour tones to each Uniqwa design. Imperfections are intentionally left intact, allowing our pieces to tell the story of their former life. We embrace these features as a testament to the unique qualities of natural materials; they are an integral and sort after part of our design process.

We use refined reclaimed teak and rustic reclaimed teak in our collections, each differentiated by the timber's age, texture and natural oil levels. 

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