Having the power to improve the lives of others is a privilege



As Uniqwa has grown, so has our sense of obligation to give back to the community with whom we work.  The question we asked ourselves was: what can be achieved with our donation?

Acting on our powerful feeling of responsibility, Uniqwa Give was developed.

Uniqwa Give is a way to reinforce our own personal values and living in a way that is true to our ethical beliefs; that education is the pathway to greater change.

As we established a production team of artful and skilful local Indonesians that handcraft our furniture, our connection with their community grew. We began looking for ways to give back to those that have contributed to Uniqwa’s positive journey.

When introduced to a grassroots movement ignited by their fundamental religious belief that helping another human being is a central principle to life, we instantly knew we had found an amazing movement, founded by extraordinary people.

This grassroots movement focuses on helping and supporting children who have lost their fathers and with that, the family’s financial support.

In Indonesia children with one living parent, regardless of circumstances, do not qualify for government assistance, often forcing young children to work to support their family instead of going to school.

Partnering with this grassroots movement was the beginning of Uniqwa Give, which is our way of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally.

Uniqwa Give is currently funding a group of children’s schooling with plans to extend what we are able to do. We provide everything from uniforms to school supplies so these children can benefit from full-time education. 

With a proper education these children, as they grow up, have the ability to prevent the transmission of poverty between generations and therefore make a wider positive change in their community.

Now well into establishing Uniqwa Give, we not only know the answer to our question, but also can see it for ourselves in the children we support.

The gift of education has the potential to drastically improve an individual’s quality of life and with that the local community, and as it spreads, society as a whole.​