Premium Surface Protection
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Premium surface protection offers multi-dimensional products designed to protect all types of wood, natural fibres, leather, fabric, & rugs from stains, mould and damaging uva and UVB rays.  

Premium surface protection provides the world's most technically advanced surface protection systems. 

Their three products, fiber protector, weather-shield and, inspecta-shield penetrate the material to which it is applied at a molecular level, by means of nanotechnology, maintaining the appearance and the texture of the materials. Unlike other products that exist in the market, the products are not a common coater so does not need to be reapplied after every cleaning. 

Environmentally safe

Treatment with premium surface protection increases the durability and life cycle of the item. Premium surface protection helps maintain the item’s original look and intensity of the colour, ensuring it looks new for longer.

Premium surface protection is the most technically advanced and effective protection system available.

  • Long-term protection against stains - has a high degree of permanency
  • Protection against the sun's UV and UVB rays - reduces uva and UVB sun fade considerably
  • Effective on all fabric, rugs and carpets - wool, cotton, silk, synthetic fibres, suede and leather
  • Nanotechnology - will not alter the colour, texture or feel of the item
  • Penetrates and seals - not a coater
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic - no fluorochemicals; PFOS and PFOA free
  • Extends fabric life - strengthens fibres and creates wear integrity
  • Fights against mould, mildew and bacteria

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