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Tucked away lies the remote mountainous region of Nagaland, a region untouched by the modern world.


The hidden treasures of Nagaland

Discover the hidden treasures of Nagaland, a mesmerising state in far northeast India, where breathtaking landscapes meet a vibrant culture. Within this enchanting realm, the Naga people proudly preserve their indigenous heritage, an exquisite mosaic of customs, traditions, and beliefs. Yet, this rich culture and heritage stand on the brink of extinction, making preserving their culture through our Naga collection all the more crucial. 

Over time, Naga antique pieces have garnered significant attention from collectors. Traders acquire these items from Nagaland by purchasing them from villagers who seek to part with them, as they are no longer in use or seek a monetary exchange. This exchange often occurs as the tribes adapt to the changing world, embracing more modern lifestyles. Each Naga antique piece carries a unique story, reflecting the cultural heritage and traditions of the Naga tribes.

The Naga tribe comprises several distinct groups, each with its customs, rituals, and artistic expressions. They inhabit Nagaland's rugged hills and valleys, a region marked by its lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. 

The Naga people have a strong connection to their land and an intimate relationship with nature, reflected in their craftsmanship. One of the most notable aspects of Naga artistry is their exceptional skill in creating intricate and beautiful wood carvings. Our prized, hand-selected antique Naga collection embodies the spirit and extraordinary craftsmanship of the Naga people. Each masterpiece is meticulously carved from a single solid piece of timber, a testament to the time-honoured techniques passed down through generations.

The Naga tribes have a rich history marked by fierce independence and warrior traditions. They were known for their headhunting practices in the past, which played a significant role in their social structure and rituals. While headhunting is no longer practised today, it remains integral to their historical identity.

We believe it is essential to respect the Naga communities' rights and ensure that any trade or collection of Naga antique pieces is conducted ethically and with their consent. The acquisition of Naga antique pieces from outside Nagaland provides an opportunity to raise awareness and appreciation for the unique heritage of the Naga tribes. By researching and sharing the history behind these artefacts, we can contribute to preserving and celebrating the cultural legacy of the Naga people. 

The Naga antique pieces acquired from these communities bear witness to their exceptional craftsmanship, traditional arts, and deep-rooted traditions. By recognising and sharing the stories behind these artefacts, we can foster greater understanding and appreciation for the Naga tribes and their unique place in the world's cultural tapestry.

Beyond mere objects, these pieces once were functional household items that carry profound stories of the Naga people and their way of life. These stories deserve to be cherished and safeguarded. We invite you to immerse yourself in their narrative, comprehend the origins of these timeless treasures and appreciate the artistry that should never be taken for granted. 

Take a moment to marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship of our antique pieces from Nagaland, where each piece has been hand-selected by Uniqwa's head designer, Charl van Heerden. With our accompanying authentication certificate, you can truly grasp each piece's immense value and authenticity. Thank you for choosing Uniqwa Collections, where we wholeheartedly celebrate culture and preserve the essence of authenticity.

Naga Antique Collections

Antique Door


Village Grinder


Bull Panel


Hut Grinder


Round Grinder


Tribe Grinder






Serving Board



Andrea van Heerden, Uniqwa’s Brand Director, is a multi-talented creative professional and the driving force behind our content creation, interior styling, photo styling, and creative direction.

Andrea produces breathtaking visual content that tells a story and inspires emotion. In the Antique Naga Collection project, Andrea showcases her ability to beautifully capture the raw essence of the Naga tribe and their rich culture through still portraiture.

Through careful research and collaboration with local artisans, she was able to create a stunning visual narrative that pays homage to the unique beauty, traditions and values of Naga life and craftsmanship.

Andrea’s passion for design and ability to seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary design brings the Naga project to life. Her keen eye for detail and ability to craft a compelling visual story showcases Nagaland to a broader audience. Here we have visually stunning content that leaves a lasting impression that inspires and captivates us.


Charl van Heerden

A hand-selected collection

Each Antique Naga piece has been hand-selected by Uniqwa Collections' head designer Charl van Heerden.

Photographed in the village of Wanching, Nagaland.

Enchanting Nagaland

Witness the captivating essence of Naga tribal life through @andreavanheerden.creative stunning photography.