Munggur is a natural timber sustainably sourced from Indonesian farms, supporting local communities and surrounding cottage industries during the harvesting process. 

This wood is naturally higher in moisture and oil content and offers many additional beautiful characteristics. From its beautifully unique patterns to its various earthy colour tones, munggur pieces add warmth and texture to any indoor or outdoor undercover space.  

Classed as a natural 'living' material, mungurr wood responds to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting, which can cause artistic cracks to appear over time as the wood stabilises in its new environments.

All of our Munggur pieces are made from the cut section of the trunk of the Munggur tree, and after receiving a highly sanded finish, they are the purest, raw and solid form of timber product in our range. 

Unlike standard timber products that are manufactured from sections of the trunk and glued and joined with methods that reduce natural defects such as splitting and cracking, Munggur trunk products, by nature, will split and crack, as this is the natural way that a section of a tree trunk responds as it dries and stabilises to its environment after the felling process.

Therefore, our Munggur wood products should not be considered 'timber products' in the traditional sense of a manufacturing process but rather a living natural product that is susceptible to the natural forces of nature.

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