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Latest Designs

Illuminate any space with our new lighting collection, crafted from eco-friendly paper mache. This collection embodies a soft, organic design that merges natural inspiration with artisan craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring no two lights are alike, adding an exclusive touch to any interior. Expertly finished with an antique mud coating, this collection exudes organic beauty and sophistication, transforming your environment into a serene, elegant haven.


The Zula

~ a statement light exuding organic sophistication ~


Uniqwa Latte Poles


Naga Antique Collection

A limited collection

Celebrate culture & embrace the essence of authenticity by securing an original Naga antique.

Embark on a journey to Nagaland, where we unveil the hidden treasures of a mesmerising land. With a deep understanding of the Naga culture, our hand-selected antique Naga collection preserves the remarkable convergence of aesthetics and artistry. Meticulously carved from one solid piece of timber, each masterpiece carries profound stories, deserving admiration and safeguarding for future generations. Explore the beauty and authenticity of our curated pieces, thoughtfully chosen by Uniqwa Head Designer Charl van Heerden and accompanied by an authentication certificate that captures their immense value.

Our Services

WHOLESALE from our warehouse, world-wide. We can arrange a competitive and efficient transport service to suit your needs.

DIRECT CONTAINERS from our factories to your door, anywhere in the world. We can assist with all your importing requirements.

COMMERCIAL ask us about our selection of suitable products that have enduring design style for commercial applications.

SOURCING with our extensive global network, we can source your required products for your specific project needs.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / CUSTOM DESIGN furniture design and manufacturing to your requirements.

PRODUCT PACKAGES talk with our specialist team to discuss your customised specifications.

Uniqwa Collections

We ♡ beautiful & meaningful design.

Uniqwa represents uniqueness with a difference, defined by simplicity and function combined with art. We design quality, thoughtful and unique handmade furniture, wall décor, lighting, and outdoor furniture.

Our ethos is simple; to supply design pieces inspired by nature and ethnic culture that fit into contemporary environments.

Uniqwa is organic, earthy and naturally modern, with a subtle degree of difference.

We invite you to explore our company and look forward to being a part of your support team for your next project. ♡ 

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Our commitment to the cottage industry

It is all about beautiful and meaningful design. Uniqwa represents uniqueness with a difference, defined by simplicity and function combined with art.

Committed to cottage industry practices, we offer quality, thoughtful and unique handmade furniture, wall décor, lighting, and outdoor furniture. We are passionate about being involved in the cottage industry and embrace the ancient practice and labour-intensive process of using traditional tools and handcraftsmanship. 

The cottage industry represents everything Uniqwa pieces embody; uniqueness, handmade qualities, artistic value and traditional characteristics. 

When designing a piece, we work with linking cottage industries together; we find artisans that for generations have specialised in one craft and then pair them with another whose artistry completes the design. Some of our pieces travel on dirt roads from village to village before completion.

We support cottage industries to work together to maintain their independence while joining forces on collective efforts such as building business networks and sharing resources. Our commitment to small-scale manufacturing operations in remote villages plays a significant role in the villages' economies. 

The modern world's instant gratification need has little room in the cottage industry, where time and effort are vital aspects of the process. Uniqwa rejects the mass-production of furniture. Instead, we choose the more labour and time-intensive pathway that supports the cottage industry.

Uniqwa embraces a market that seeks out original pieces telling its own stories reflected by uniqueness, traditional artistry and authenticity.


The cottage industry


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