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Naga Antiques

Tucked away lies the remote mountainous region of Nagaland, a region untouched by the modern world.

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The hidden treasures of Nagaland

Discover the hidden treasures of Nagaland, a mesmerising state in far northeast India, where breathtaking landscapes meet a vibrant culture. The Naga people proudly preserve their indigenous heritage, an exquisite mosaic of customs, traditions, and beliefs. Our Naga collection, sourced with consent, ensures the preservation of a rich culture. Each antique piece carries a unique story, reflecting the Naga tribal cultural heritage.

Take a moment to marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship of our antique pieces from Nagaland, where each piece has been hand-selected by Uniqwa's head designer, Charl van Heerden. With our accompanying authentication certificate, you can truly grasp each piece's immense value and authenticity.

Thank you for choosing Uniqwa Collections, where we wholeheartedly celebrate culture and preserve the essence of authenticity.

Hongphoi village

Witness the captivating essence of Naga tribal life through @andreavanheerden.creative stunning photography.