Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural
Mvuvi Pendant | Natural

Mvuvi Pendant | Natural

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Product CodeWC-854N

The Mvuvi Pendant offers natural elegance; crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant is a unique blend of style and sustainability.

With its unique tubular shape and the graceful sway of natural Pandan grass, this pendant is a statement piece that transcends mere lighting, becoming a work of art in its own right. It's the perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming your space.

The Mvuvi Pendant encapsulates the essence of nature, bringing the outdoors in and adding a touch of eco-friendly elegance to any space.

DIA 25cm | H 95cm  

The pendant features an iron frame with an epoxy light brown finish, complemented by delicate paper binding on the frame. Exquisite hand-bound natural Pandan grass to create a long fringe.

To preserve its natural beauty and ensure durability, the Mvuvi Pendant has a clear water-based top coat.

Pandan grass, scientifically known as Pandanus odorifer, is a tropical plant with long, blade-like leaves. It is not a true grass but belongs to the Pandanus genus. Pandan grass is well-known for its fragrant aroma, often described as sweet, floral, and tropical.

Pandan grass is used for its unique visual and textural qualities. To make this product, the long, narrow leaves of the Pandan grass are dried and then split into fine strips. These strips are woven together in various patterns to create intricate designs and arranged in a way that makes a fringe. The weaving technique can vary, resulting in different textures and visual effects on the pendant shade.

The natural colour of Pandan grass varies from pale green to light brown. This natural hue adds an earthy, organic feel to the pendant.

Using Pandan grass in pendant shades is a sustainable choice because it is abundant in tropical regions, and its harvesting doesn't harm the plant.

Sold as pendant light shade. Cord set is sold separately. We recommend sourcing suitable light fitting system and installation by a qualified electrician. 

We recommend LED light bulbs, and that any wiring be installed by a qualified electrician. Please treat LED light bulbs as e-waste when disposed of.

Humidity causes mould to grow. Limited airflow and moisture create a microclimate for mould to develop. In some cases, mould will begin growing on furniture, clothing and other contents within the home.
In instances when this occurs, it is not an inherent fault of the furniture, clothing and other contents; rather, humidity or dampness in the air can supply enough moisture for mould growth on any surface. Mould can occur anywhere, and humid climates provide the optimal conditions for the fungi to grow and thrive on any surface.

Every Uniqwa piece has a story…

Our collections are mostly individually hand-made pieces. As most of our products are made from natural materials, texture, colour, and pattern may vary from piece to piece. Reclaimed timbers, naturally weathered materials and off-cuts otherwise discarded are frequently part of Uniqwa design features.

Natural splitting, cracking, and loss of natural oils may occur and form part of the characteristics and beauty of Uniqwa products. These are not viewed as imperfections or faults but as part of timber's natural life and beauty.

We believe the result of using natural materials and hand-crafted elements is a testament to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature.

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