Powder coating 

The powder coating process involves spraying a dry powder mixture to metal such as iron and aluminium and then curing it under heat. The thermal bonding process of the powder coating creates a coating that is resistant to chipping, scratching and general wear and tear, making our powder-coated pieces suitable for most spaces, depending on the metal and additional materials also used to create the piece. Powder-coated iron is stronger but is usually only suited to indoor spaces, whereas powder-coated aluminium is suitable for most outdoor areas. 


Beeswax is a natural surface protectant that leaves a highly polished yet natural finish on timber. Being a natural surface protectant, this highly desirable finish should be applied every few months to maintain the surface as it will break down and need reapplying to maintain its longevity. Our Sharman Dining Tables, Herringbone Dining Tables and Harvest feature a beeswax finish.


As a part of our Uniqwa furniture design process, we have recently built an in-house sanding, finishing and 2pac painting workshop to ensure each piece meets our quality control expectations.  Some of our timber and all of our resin products are finished in-house to a professional standard using hand-poured premium-grade outdoor paint.

Top coat

To protect, enhance and ensure the longevity of our timber pieces, some of our products undergo either a water-based or oil-based topcoat, which is dependent on the type of timber.


To enhance and refine the appearance of some of our timber products, our in-house workshop team sand each piece depending on the desired outcome. Some pieces are finished with a highly-sanded result, others are left in their organic form.