Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack
Ladder Wall Rack

Ladder Wall Rack

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Product CodeWC-301A

Product Weight 25 kg approx

The Ladder Wall Rack is made from refined reclaimed teak.

Inspired by nature's beauty, the collection integrates the warmth of this traditional material into modern design, seamlessly blending together to create a forever piece.

Loved for its unique characteristics and signs of previous life, the teak used in the Aruba collection is sourced from interior pillars of abandoned Javanese buildings and repurposed into this beautiful furniture.

Due to each mark's historical significance, reclaimed teak's distinctive character differentiates it from plantation teak.

W 75cm | D 47cm | H 180cm

Reclaimed teak.

Requires assembly.

Product not suitable for full outdoors.

After many seasons of weathering, strengthening and increasing its durability, reclaimed teak becomes a premium material for building furniture.

The reclaimed teak used in the Aruba collection is sourced explicitly for its unique characteristics, refined appearance and high quality. This refined reclaimed teak can be recognised by uniform colour, close grains and hardness.

This product is made from refined reclaimed teak. The timber is taken from the core of the reclaimed timber log, with little exposure to the elements.

All reclaimed timber may show signs of its former life, such as knots and wood plugs which add an element of life to our designs. We embrace these attributes as a testament to the unique qualities of repurposed timber; they are an integral and sort-after part of the Uniqwa design process. Every piece will have unique characteristics as part of the authenticity of a reclaimed wood Uniqwa piece.

As with any natural material, existing fluids and moisture can leach over time. A natural process of teak involves oil moving to the surface of the teak.

This natural process of teak oil leaching can cause staining; this can be especially evident if the furniture pieces are experiencing exposure to weather elements, particularly rain.

We do not recommend placing this natural timber piece directly onto carpets or rugs. Moisture will generally seep through the ends of the timber. If placing it onto carpets or rugs, markings may be avoided by using a protective liner such as thick plastic.

None of the above is viewed as a fault; we embrace these changes as the natural characteristics and beauty of timber furniture.  

Humidity causes mould to grow. Limited airflow and moisture create a microclimate for mould to develop. In some cases, mould will begin growing on furniture, clothing and other contents within the home.
In instances when this occurs, it is not an inherent fault of the furniture, clothing and other contents; rather, humidity or dampness in the air can supply enough moisture for mould growth on any surface. Mould can occur anywhere, and humid climates provide the optimal conditions for the fungi to grow and thrive on any surface.

Every Uniqwa piece has a story…

Our collections are mostly individually hand-made pieces. As most of our products are made from natural materials, texture, colour, and pattern may vary from piece to piece. Reclaimed timbers, naturally weathered materials and off-cuts otherwise discarded are frequently part of Uniqwa design features.

Natural splitting, cracking, and loss of natural oils may occur and form part of the characteristics and beauty of Uniqwa products. These are not viewed as imperfections or faults but as part of timber's natural life and beauty.

We believe the result of using natural materials and hand-crafted elements is a testament to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature.

As every monitor displays different colour tones, the colour of pictures on our website and social media cannot be taken as a true colour indication of the actual products. Some product tones may appear to vary from catalogue or website images.

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