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Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel
Naga Antique Four Bull Panel

Naga Antique Four Bull Panel

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Naga Antique Authenticity ID: NC-00286

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Uniqwa Antique Naga Collection: A Rare & Exquisite Collectors' Piece

Discover the captivating Uniqwa Naga Antique Collection, a treasure salvaged from the enchanting Nagaland region in northeastern India. Nestled amidst the majestic Naga hills, rising gracefully from the Brahmaputra Valley, these extraordinary pieces hold a unique allure.

Hand-picked by Uniqwa's Head Designer, Charl van Heerden, these solid timber Naga Bull Panels hold significant cultural and historical value among the Naga people and have a fascinating history that dates back centuries.

These bull panels have deep cultural significance and serve various purposes within Naga society.

Bull panels are intricately carved and decorated wooden panels that depict the form of mithuns, a type of bull species found in the region. These panels are crafted from durable wood and display detailed carvings that highlight these animals' strength, power, and significance in Naga culture.

The Naga people consider mithuns precious and sacred animals, symbolising wealth, prosperity, and social status. Mithuns hold cultural and ritualistic importance in various Naga ceremonies, such as festivals, marriages, and community gatherings. The bull panels are used as ceremonial props during these events, signifying the presence and blessings of these revered animals.

Historically, Naga warriors would display these panels in their homes or longhouses to showcase their bravery in battle. The panels served as a visual representation of their victories and acts of valour.

Today, Naga bull panels have transcended their original cultural context and gained recognition as artistic and decorative items. They are highly sought-after collectibles cherished for their intricate carvings and cultural symbolism. Bull panels are often displayed in homes, art galleries, and cultural exhibitions, offering glimpses into the rich heritage and artistic traditions of the Naga people.

Authenticity no: NC-00286

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the Uniqwa Naga Antique Collection with a carefully curated selection of Naga Antique Bull Panels available. Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation and is accompanied by an authenticity certificate confirming its status as an original antique.

Each Naga Antique Bull Panel is a testament to the artisans' skill, meticulously hand-carved from a single piece of timber, showing intricate chiselling, which adds an extra layer of detail and beauty to the craftsmanship.

The preservation and promotion of Naga Antique Bull Panels panels contribute to conserving Naga's cultural identity and artistic craftsmanship. They serve as a reminder of the Naga people's connection to their traditions, beliefs, and historical practices. The intricate carvings and symbolic meanings associated with these panels provide a window into the profound cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of the Naga community.

Every Uniqwa piece has a story…

Our collections are mostly individually hand-made pieces. As most of our products are made from natural materials, texture, colour, and pattern may vary from piece to piece. Reclaimed timbers, naturally weathered materials and off-cuts otherwise discarded are frequently part of Uniqwa design features.

Natural splitting, cracking, and loss of natural oils may occur and form part of the characteristics and beauty of Uniqwa products. These are not viewed as imperfections or faults but as part of timber's natural life and beauty.

We believe the result of using natural materials and hand-crafted elements is a testament to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature.

As every monitor displays different colour tones, the colour of pictures on our website and social media cannot be taken as a true colour indication of the actual products. Some product tones may appear to vary from catalogue or website images.

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A testament to rich heritage & historical significance

Authenticity Certificate

accompanies each naga antique

Captured at Hongphoi village

Witness the captivating essence of Naga tribal life through @andreavanheerden.creative stunning photography.