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Pure Salt Interiors

Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln the creatives behind our exclusive US stockist Pure Salt Interiors, are renowned for designing, styling, and transforming beautiful homes and spaces all around the United States. Here Aly and Leigh shares their top 5 styling tips for seasonal changes.

Tip one

Work with a neutral and natural colour palette; you'll find longevity in your decor throughout seasons.

Tip two

Add new cushions to your sofa or swap your sofa cushions with the ones from your bed!

Tip three

Change up your artwork or add new photos to gallery walls and shelf styling. One of our favourite tips is to change up your styling with a few new pieces or by rearranging what you already have. 

Tip Four

Add pops of green to shelves and room corners, especially in the springtime! This brings in such a fresh look. 

Tip five

Use the seasonal ambience to your advantage. So, for spring, open doors and windows to invite in lots of natural sunlight, spring clean and get rid of anything you no longer love or need for a clutter-free look and invest in your outdoor living space to enjoy these temperate spring months!

Renowned for designing, styling, and transforming beautiful homes and spaces all around the United States, our exclusive US stockist - Pure Salt Interiors, have created yet another stunning design project featuring a combination of Uniqwa pieces, this time alongside well-known social media powerhouse – Katrina Scott.

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Exclusive US stockist 

New Port Beach, California 


Manhattan Beach California


'Your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love, and the world you want to create for your family. Your home is where your stories are made, where your stories are told. It should be your sanctuary for all of life's moments, both ordinary and extraordinary; filled with expressive elements, calming vibes and undeniable character.'
- Aly Morford & Leigh Lincoln, Pure Salt Interiors


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