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Designed in-house by Andrea van Heerden
The Story

Nature will always be one of Uniqwa’s biggest inspirations when it comes to designing furniture and decorative pieces; the Kamali Vase is no exception. Read on to unearth the journey and inspiration behind our new sculptured ceramic vessel brought to life by Porsche, our Maker.

Designed in-house by Andrea van Heerden and brought to life by Porsche our Maker, the Kamali Vase has been in the making intuitively for years. However, it wasn’t until Uniqwa sourced a skilled hand-crafter that would challenge their limits while taking comfort in the unknown, that allowed the awakening of the Kamali Vase concept. 

The Inspiration

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi; a cognitive practice that embraces the art and beauty found in imperfection, the Kamali Vase is a reflection of the world we live in; extraordinary and simply beautiful. 

Designed to emanate the ebb and flow of water and the natural shapes and forms we encounter in nature, the Kamali Vase is a testament to the freedom found in challenging your limits.

Gravity, with her powerful presence on earth, has also inspired the beautiful markings and shape of our Kamali Vase, and the welcoming of flow and surrender.

The Maker

 With her open mindset, Porsche from PV Pottery was able to deliver a tangible, unique creation guided by Uniqwa’s designs.

Porsche, a functional potter who traditionally creates perfectly cylindrical ceramics, immersed herself into the wabi-sabi inspired aesthetic, which allowed the necessary space to push her creative limits. 

The Process

Created from White Raku Clay, each individual hand-thrown vase undertakes a unique process; a process that insists on the presence of passion, patience and precision.

After wheel-throwing and spinning, Porsche applies pressure in strategic places to initiate organic formations and folds that give the Kamali Vase its distinctive sculptured aesthetic.

Included in this unique process is the action of an artful “tap” on a hard surface that utilizes the forces of gravity applied to the wet clay to encourage its organic shape further.

To complete the aesthetic, the Kamali Vase is placed in a white stoneware slip and high-fired with a custom-made double-layered winter white glaze finish.

The Result

Finally, after all of the wheel-throwing, the spinning, the strategic placement of pressure, the artful taps that created the organic shape you see today; is the deliverance of a remarkable ceramic sculpture that is timeless, organic in nature and rich in joy, creative expression and perseverance.









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