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 So, you want that gorgeous grey timber deck that you keep seeing all over Pinterest and My Burleigh Reno’s Instagram account.

 You love how it looks and yet, you can’t seem to find this grey timber anywhere other than on your computer or mobile phone screen.

 At Uniqwa, we love all things sustainable natural timber. With the help of Alicia from My Burleigh Reno, we've found the right products and technique to help you achieve a trendy grey timber deck in your poolside space.

Achieve the grey timber deck of your dreams!

 Choose a sustainable, eco-friendly hardwood for your poolside deck.

Apart from teak; a timber that naturally goes a silverish-colour after exposure to the elements, there are also other more cost-effective options for a grey timber deck including hardwoods such as spotted gum and blackbutt.

 But how can a red or brownish-coloured timber possibly give you a greyed off timber look when it’s the total opposite of a cool-coloured shade?

 If you can’t justify the high cost of teak and you need a hardwood that can handle harsh elements; therefore grey-iron bark is out of the question, there is another way to achieve the greyed off aesthetic- yes even if it isn’t grey, to begin with. 

Patience (and the right products!) are key.

 While Alicia from My Burleigh Reno allowed her deck to age off over 6-9 months before she sealed her deck, some products will help speed the lightening process along, whilst keeping your deck protected in the long run.

 First things first, wet your deck and apply a product like Cutek Proclean and brush with a deck scrub brush. This will clean and remove a percentage of tannins in the wood and prepare you for the next step.

 Leave the Cutek Proclean on your deck overnight, and the next day, you can remove it with a gurney but be mindful-there is a way to do this correctly. We recommend asking someone who has experience with a gurney to ensure an even cleaning result.

 Once you’ve rinsed all of the product off, it’s essential to allow your deck to dry for approximately 2-3 days before applying the next product to achieve the greyed off timber look.

 After the 2-3 days have passed, your deck is ready for its colour application and wood protection.

 If you’d like to achieve a grey timber deck like My Burleigh Reno, you’ll need Cutek Colourtone in Grey Mist mixed in with Cutek’s Extreme Oil; an advanced timber and engineered wood protection product.

 Depending on your style and desired aesthetic, you can apply between 1-2 coats of the above product. If you’ve chosen to do two coats (which Cutek recommends) remember to wait 5-8 days before applying another coat.

The next step; patience, patience and more patience!

 Now that you’ve applied the right products, your timber deck will be entirely grey, right? We’re afraid not; it will still require time to grey off naturally.

 “Patience is key. If you’ve put down a new deck, it’s going to take a little patience for that deck to age. If you’re restoring an existing deck, it’s going to take a little patience to bring it back to achieve the [greyed off] look,” Alicia says.

 “The climate you’re living in, the amount of rain and sun that gets on the deck are all factors in how your deck will age. The wait is worth it. Remember it’s a natural product you’re working with, and unfortunately, you can’t buy this look off the shelf. But before you know it, it will be there.” she adds.

Maintaining your deck:

 You’ve followed all of the instructions, and you’re starting to see the results of that gorgeous grey timber deck you’ve always wanted. But how do you make sure it continues to deliver the wow factor for years to come?

 Applying the Cutek Colourtone in Grey Mist mixed with Extreme Oil a few times a year.

 “You can [apply the Cutek product] 1-2 times a year. Personally, I do it once a year, it just requires a good wash down beforehand [with Cutek Proclean],” Alicia says.

My Burleigh Reno - a gorgeous photoshoot location

 It’s not just the grey timber deck at My Burleigh Reno that has DIY renovators, models, publications and Instagrammers swooning, Alicia’s home has become quite the location for brand campaigns and photoshoots.

 When asked how she maintains a balance between keeping My Burleigh Reno as her home and a photoshoot location for brands at the same time; Alicia responded:

 “95% of what I do consists of cleaning. It’s like having an open house every time you have a photoshoot because the house has to be styled and presented in a way that’s going to look good in a shot. All of your personal effects have to be put away including school bags, shoes, toothbrushes, the box of tissues beside your bed; you have to scale it back,” she says.

 “Most of the time, I’m prepping the night before [the upcoming shoot]. Thank goodness, the kids are wonderful because they’re used to the routine. It’s always a struggle to find a balance, but I try to work around school hours if possible, so it’s less disruptive to them,” she adds.

 Although having a home as a photoshoot location can be hard work, Alicia adores the brands that come to shoot at My Burleigh Reno and wouldn’t change it for the world.

 “The flexibility for me to be home with my kids and do what I love; I feel like I’ve hit the lotto. Plus I get to work with brands like Uniqwa,” she says.

 “[Having My Burleigh Reno as a photoshoot location] is both fulfilling and rewarding; particularly seeing how people interpret and photograph a space that I’ve created; it’s pretty awesome,” she adds.

 For those who want to renovate their homes, fourth-time renovator (and currently sourcing the 5th renovation project) Alicia’s advice is to have patience, set up a mood board and stick to your vision. She’s also a big believer in making your home white if that’s what you love.

 “Fill your home with things you love and make it super practical. Don’t be scared to go white! It’s not as hard to keep clean as you think,” she laughs.

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