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She built her dream home, created a successful shoot location business, and today, she designs and styles beautiful spaces for her client's homes. The question is; how does Three Birds Renovations, Reno School graduate, Lauren Eloise from The Coastal Barn Dream fit it all in?

Join us as we chat all things motherhood, managing several thriving businesses and what it's like having her dream home as a shoot location for some of Australia's most reputable brands. 

The Coastal Barn Dream; the dream home that opens doors 

Having her dream home as a photoshoot location was never the plan for Lauren Eloise; the talented woman behind The Coastal Barn Dream.

However, her knack for designing and styling sensational spaces didn’t go unnoticed, as her dreamy abode caught the eye of the Uniqwa team after she styled her home with numerous Uniqwa pieces and they became the first brand to photograph at her beautiful space.

Other prestigious brands including Kookai, The Beach People and ABI Interiors also saw the potential in The Coastal Barn Dream and have since held photoshoots in her home for their brand campaigns.

A creative at heart, The Coastal Barn Dream is a result of inspiration sourced from Three Birds Renovations and Lauren’s passion for creating beautiful spaces; from concept to completion, a process she experienced within her father’s shop-fitting business. 

“I have always had a love for interior design as well as styling spaces within my home. My dad built office spaces for clients and growing up; I loved watching those spaces transform from drawings to the design phase, then to the fit-out and finally, the styling of each project,” Lauren Eloise says. 

“When the opportunity arose to have my home as a photoshoot location, I needed a minute to think about it. At the time, it wasn’t something I had planned for my home, but when brands started contacting me, I thought: if the love and interest are there, then why not?” It’s been so rewarding to know that such beautiful brands want my home as the backdrops for their content,” she adds. 

Motherhood and managing it all; the inevitable juggle of maintaining a work/life balance 

Much like opening her dream home's doors to Australia's most reputable brands, having a big family wasn't necessarily on the agenda for Lauren despite coming from a rather large family herself. 

One of five siblings and her husband one of ten, Lauren was content in her belief that any number of children is a blessing, and after having three children, she was open to having two more.

"As challenging as it can be with our busy schedules; having our own business and raising a young family, I love the thought of knowing that I will be surrounded by all of my children when they have their own families," she says. 

So how does she manage to balance five children while running various successful businesses?

"When thinking of my top tips in balancing everything; it makes me laugh because I feel like it's a constant struggle. It's been a balancing act since starting client projects while continuing to maintain my home for photoshoots and looking after five children," she adds.

The Coastal Barn Dream; let there be white! 

Another question you may be asking is how on earth does she keep her beautiful home in order with five munchkins running around, when her dream home’s aesthetic is mostly white? The answer is, she doesn’t! 

“My house isn’t always clean! My kids don’t always listen to the house rules. Having said that, a white aesthetic­ with young children isn’t as daunting as it sounds. As for my big puppy, he’s an outdoor dog, and the damage he makes is by far, more than my children,” she laughs.

With this in mind, Lauren’s recommendations for those with children or pets who wish to have a white aesthetic in their home are: 

“Having furniture that you can easily clean is the way to go when you have children. All of my sofa covers are removable, but they’ve also been treated well with a fabric protector. That way, everything can easily be wiped down or thrown in the wash. Having white in your home isn’t as scary as you’d think when you have the right finishes,” she adds. 

Photoshoots at The Coastal Barn Dream; the perfect backdrop

The Coastal Barn Dream; with its beach-chic meets farmhouse feel, has made its way onto the cover of Adore Magazine’s recent limited edition issue; We are delighted to see our Uniqwa pieces featured on Adore magazine’s cover, which includes our Hamali Block Dining Table and Amanzi Chairs; an original design of our Head Designer; Charl Van Heerden.

Also sharing in the delight is Lauren; who is humbled by the love and support that The Coastal Barn Dream has received.

“I did not expect The Coastal Barn Dream to take off the way it has; it’s been a huge year and certainly not one I predicted for myself. Honestly, I feel so proud of what both my husband and I have accomplished with building our home,” she says.

As for the children, once the build was complete, and it was time to style and design their bedrooms, they were happy to leave it to mum. 

“When I asked my kids what they’d like their rooms to look like, my boys gave the typical response and didn’t care,” she laughs.

“My daughter, on the other hand, asked for it to be pink and pretty, [so ultimately], I felt that it was effortless to please them, as they’re all thrilled with their bedrooms,” she adds.

When it comes to having photoshoots in their home, the children are just as easy-going; having had the opportunity to feature in a shoot for one of Australia’s favourite lifestyle brands; The Beach People.

Renowned for their trendy beach towels and luxe seaside essentials; The Beach People organised a photoshoot at Lauren’s chic property where they had the chance to meet the children at the end of the day. 

*image courtesy @thebeachpeople

Not long after, when it was time to do another photoshoot, they approached Lauren to see if she’d like her children to feature in it, which Lauren found an honour.

“I was so happy for my children to be a part of The Beach People shoot. Having The Coastal Barn Dream as the backdrop was so exciting,” she says. 

It’s no secret that brands, magazine editors and Lauren’s social media audience are swooning over her chic-meets-farm property, an exciting reality that Lauren feels eternally grateful.

“I am continually pinching myself at the love The Coastal Barn Dream has received; I never imagined designing my home would be received so well. Having clients wanting me to come and design their spaces gives me so much joy and a lot to be grateful for,” she says.

Since this story was captured, Lauren has welcomed a new family member to the Coastal barn Dream clan; Amahle the adorable French Bulldog ♡

*image courtesy @the_coastalbarndream
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