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Ky Drury

The Visionary Journey of Ky Drury from Studio Haus Co

In interior design and artistic expression, some individuals truly stand out for their unique perspectives and creative brilliance. One such talent is Ky Drury, the visionary force behind Studio Haus Co. With an innate talent for transforming spaces into captivating works of art, Ky's journey has been a testament to passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Having fulfilled her lifelong dream of moving to Byron Bay, Ky has been a resident there for over 15 years. With her husband's background as a builder, Ky's entry into the design industry was unconventional yet serendipitous. By collaborating on building projects, Ky discovered her passion for interior design, particularly optimising kitchen layouts. Five years ago, she founded her full-fledged business, initially known as By Ky Drury, soon to be rebranded as Studio Haus Co.

The Genesis of Studio Haus Co

Fuelled by the desire to create personalised sanctuaries and transform clients' visions into reality through an immersive design experience, Ky leads Studio Haus Co. The studio is recognised for its innovative approach, blending contemporary elements with timeless aesthetics. Each project undertaken by Studio Haus Co. reflects Ky's commitment to delivering spaces that resonate with the client's soul.

Design Philosophy

At the heart of Ky Drury's design philosophy lies the belief that a space should not merely be functional but should evoke emotion and tell a unique story. Studio Haus Co.'s designs are characterised by the harmonious fusion of form and function, where every element serves a purpose while delighting the senses.

Inspiration knows no boundaries for Ky Drury, as the creative genius finds beauty in the simplest of details and the grandest of concepts. From the graceful lines of architecture to the play of light and shadow, Ky draws inspiration from diverse sources to craft designs that transcend the ordinary.

A Portfolio of Masterpieces

Studio Haus Co.'s impressive portfolio extends beyond residential projects, encompassing successful hospitality ventures in Byron Bay, such as The Loft, Mez Club, and the iconic Fig Tree Restaurant. Working on commercial projects presents challenges, but Ky thrives on the fast-paced nature of such ventures. Nevertheless, she always cherishes the return to the tranquil pace of residential design, where she delights in creating personalised spaces for her clients, nurturing a deep connection with them throughout the process.

Beach Haus in Suffolk Park, Byron Bay: A Coastal Transformation

One of Studio Haus Co's most remarkable projects, the Beach Haus in Suffolk Park, Byron Bay, is currently on the market. This home is a testament to Ky Drury's artistic vision and collaborative spirit. Partnering with the esteemed Broken Head Building, this coastal renovation became an exquisite representation of modern luxury harmoniously blending with nature's splendour.

Embracing the Coastal Aesthetics

Nestled among the coastal bushland and just a stone's throw away from the pristine Tallows Beach in Suffolk Park, the Beach Haus has undergone a magnificent metamorphosis. What was once a dark, dated, and uninspiring beach shack has been meticulously reimagined by Studio Haus Co and brought to life by the skilled hands of Broken Head Building.

The Beach Haus's design is a testament to the seamless harmony between the textures and tones of the home and its surrounding coastal landscape. The natural connection to the beach is reflected in every element of the home's styling and structure. Layered soft textures, from the gentle render throughout to the VJ panelled walls, create an aura of warmth and tranquillity. Natural clay tiles and custom-edged stone benchtops further enhance the organic allure of the interiors.

With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the Beach Haus posed several challenging spaces and layout issues that demanded innovative solutions. One such area was a "pokey" loft space accessible only by a ladder. To optimise the layout, the hallway was widened, and adjoining bedrooms were combined, allowing for the addition of a staircase to the bedroom. Through careful planning and design prowess, Studio Haus Co turned these challenges into opportunities for a more functional and cohesive home.

The kitchen, a crowning jewel of the Beach Haus, is a testament to Studio Haus Co's design finesse. Soft textures, artful cabinetry, and a harmonious mix of metals converge to create a unique and dreamy space. The kitchen has become the heart of the home, radiating warmth and sophistication, a space where culinary delights come to life amid the backdrop of coastal charm.

Studio Haus Co has handpicked an array of stunning pieces from Uniqwa Collections to complement the coastal aesthetics and elevate the interiors. From reclaimed timber furniture that celebrates nature's beauty with unique and artistic pieces, Uniqwa Collections have seamlessly blended with the Beach Haus's design vision.

The Beach Haus's complete renovation is a triumph of design and craftsmanship, a collaborative effort between Studio Haus Co and Broken Head Building. What was once an uninspiring beach shack has become an elevated home that captures the essence of coastal living.

The Beach Haus invites us to experience the true essence of tranquillity, beauty, and sophistication, a true haven by the sea.

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