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A soulful creation between Uniqwa Collections & PV Pottery

Connection, purpose and function; the three elements that both Uniqwa Collections and PV Pottery apply to their creations, provides an opportunity for a harmonious pairing between both brands.

To further immerse our showroom guests into the Uniqwa experience, we approached Porsche Victoria; a Canadian-born studio potter and founder of ​PV Pottery​, to create an organic-inspired mug range that emanates a unique design, found only at Uniqwa.

“From the moment our guests arrive at Uniqwa, we want them to experience what Uniqwa is all about; not just with our furniture but the very essence of our brand, to be present and in the moment” Andrea, our Brand Director says.

“Uniqwa is all about awakening your senses; as you enter our showroom you emerge yourself in the experience where our designs blends with an aroma of essentials oil candles and the flavour of Byron Bay coffee beans. We invite our clients and guests to enjoy a freshly made coffee or tea in our new handcrafted Uniqwa signature mugs," she adds.

Porsche Victoria; the talented maker

Traditionally drawn to creating ceramics that are perfectly cylindrical through the wheel-throwing process, creating a more “organic” approach was a new method for Porsche.

“[The wheel-throwing process is when the] wheel spins in a circle, so you end up making these forms that are very even and uniform. That was the fun thing about this collaboration for me, [the organic shape] pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” she says.

Inspired by her surroundings, Porsche has always been drawn to nature having grown up in a small Canadian town with an abundance of forest, lakes and hills. These days, she resides

in the Tweed Coast with her husband and children, with incredible views extending to the ocean.

“I try to keep my designs fairly neutral, but nature creeps in anyway. There are colours inspired by the area I live in; blues from the ocean and the colour of the sand,” she says.

“If I still lived in Canada, my pottery would be very different because the surroundings enter your subconscious. [The aesthetics of pottery] isn’t truly a conscious choice, your [finished design] is a reflection of what you take in around you,” she says.

The inspiration

If surroundings inspire the maker’s process, it makes sense then, that Porshe’s inspiration behind Uniqwa’s organic-inspired mugs came from a local driftwood piece she found at Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta. This organic piece of the earth currently resides in her pottery studio.

Intending to create personality, texture and depth at the base of the mug, Porsche was able to place a collection of textured indents, each applied by hand, to represent further the raw, earthy feel that she was going for.

Our nature-inspired mugs by ​PV Pottery​ are more than a beautiful design, they are an opportunity to be present; to enjoy a warm cuppa and the Uniqwa experience.

Hand-made ceramics; a modern heirloom

When asked about what makes an excellent piece of pottery, Porsche’s passion for quality and functionality could be heard through her words that followed.

“The most important thing for me is its function. It should be light, easy to hold, lovely to drink from, with a nice rounded rim and a good sense of balance. All ceramic materials [if fired correctly] lasts for thousands of years and ideally, will become a modern heirloom.”

Although aesthetics are what sets each potter a part, Porsche, who’s attention to detail can be seen within all of her work, insists that it should be the last stage of the pottery-making process.

“I consider myself a functional potter; the function informs the form, the aesthetic and glaze is the final process, not the beginning. For me, it’s important that my finished product is food-safe, able to go in the dishwasher, and the clay is fired to the right temperature,” she says.

“If the clay is underfired, it may chip easily, and it won’t be waterproof; these are flaws in my opinion, and it’s essential for me that I don’t have these flaws in my work,” she adds.

Uniqwa and PV Pottery; a seamless connection

A shared passion for natural, organic materials and soulful design wasn’t the only connection between Uniqwa and PV Pottery; instead, it’s the combined aspiration to share a unique story with each product made.

“I want my pieces to show they are hand-made and unique. What I love about pottery is that you can see the process on each piece; you can imagine how it was made!” says Porsche.

“Pottery has been around for thousands of years; if somebody said to me: I bought a mug of yours ten years ago, I use it every day, it still works, it’s perfect- that’s what I want to hear,” she adds.

When asked what her favourite element of pottery-making was, Porsche explained how it makes her feel connected to her community, and its ability to keep her in the present moment.

“To be successful in pottery-making, you need to focus in a way that quiets the mind; it’s a mind-body connection, whereas I’m usually go-go-go," she says.


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