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When it comes to designing and styling beautiful homes, Tracey Craig from Bungalow Home is well-versed in creating the “wow factor” for her clients.
Sought after for her luxurious, coastal aesthetic; Tracey shares all things property styling and why she chose Uniqwa pieces for her most recent project, 77 Jefferson; an oceanfront penthouse in Palm Beach.
All in a days work
Styling beautiful homes wasn't always a career aspiration for Tracey. However, one would think so after seeing how she so effortlessly creates an otherwise bare space into a dreamy, coastal abode.
Always fond of interiors and styling, it wasn't until a customer came into her homewares store insisting she styles his property, that she realised her natural designer's flare could be the start of something more.
"At the time, I was selling homewares when a customer came in and told me how much they loved the way I'd styled the shop. [He said] I want you to come and [style] my home to sell it," ​Tracey says.
"[At first I thought] well no, I don't do that but then I took everything out of my shop and my personal house to style this man's home, and it was such a huge success that I thought [to myself] I like this!"​ she laughs.
Transforming a property; the beginning of something more.
Fast forward three years and Tracey’s natural eye for detail has caught the eye of prestigious real estate groups and the owners of some of the most expensive homes on the Gold Coast.
In particular, one of the esteemed property positions in Palm Beach; ​Olindah Property Group’s​ 77 Jefferson Lane, which features a collection of Uniqwa pieces.
“When you walk into this [penthouse property], you notice its expansive oceanfront views, crisp white walls, oak herringbone floors and soft grey stone kitchen; [all of this] gives it an immediate Uniqwa feel,” ​she says.
“We needed to select items that are amazing [so that it would complement] the oceanfront position; [Therefore] Uniqwa was a no-brainer for this space,” s​he adds.
Creating a sanctuary with Bungalow Home; your home, your story.
With a focus on a relaxed, calm and coastal ambience; Tracey's sole intention is to create a space that emanates a restful sanctuary in all of the homes she styles.
"We want to infuse our passion into every single project; because our look is relaxed, modern and coastal; neutrals are a big thing for us,"​ she says.
"We're always looking to achieve a calm space within all of our projects; what's most important in a home is when you can arrive feeling like it's your sanctuary, away from the rest of the world,"​ she adds.
When asked what makes a beautiful home, Tracey believes that styling elements play a fundamental role; however, her primary focus is towards the people living in it.
"Furniture, art, cushions and accessories all make a beautiful home; but more importantly, a home is a place where you can enjoy your space and time with your family," ​she says.
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It’s all in the details
Whether it’s her client’s dream home or property going to market, Tracey understands that each space will have its own unique story to tell.
Because of this, she selects furniture pieces which allows her to respond to her client’s individual style preferences as well as the seller’s market.
“We use Uniqwa in almost any style of property, and it works every single time. [Because] Uniqwa’s furniture is so versatile, we can use it in a variety of styles from modern to contemporary, to coastal, tribal and industrial,”​ she says.
“For instance, [77 Jefferson] is a modern, contemporary apartment with a coastal colour palette, and we’ve used organic and earthy pieces. They’ve got a white, fresh, and crisp look, which translates nicely in homes for us,”​ she adds.
When asked what makes a great interior designer and stylist, Tracey believes that having the flexibility to move between different styles is one of the most important elements a designer can apply to their work. 
In saying that, she believes that Bungalow Home’s signature relaxed, coastal look naturally draws in client’s who admire this particular style and feel.
“This is a style we love, and those people that love our style will naturally attract to us, and we’ll be able to deliver that to them. We use timeless pieces that work,”​ she says.
As for 77 Jefferson; which was brought to life by ​Blue Point Property; T​racey knew that Uniqwa Collections would be the perfect fit to achieve a relaxed, easy-going feel.
“To me, the Uniqwa brand emanates earthy, relaxed and organic living; which is our signature approach towards interiors. [For this oceanfront property], we aimed to achieve a relaxed, beautiful style that isn’t too prissy or precious, but liveable and relaxed. Uniqwa was the obvious choice [to achieve this],” s​he says.
“The Rio sofa that we’ve used in this penthouse property was what instantly popped to mind [for the lounge area]; it’s white, and it’s low profile allows your eye to travel straight out to the ocean. [As for the rooftop], we needed to make a statement because it’s such a large space and I thought to myself: I’ve got just the piece! [The Himba sofa],”​ she says.
Style and feel; when it all comes together
When it comes to delivering the wow-factor for her clients, Tracey has one rule; to exceed expectations.
“Before we leave a property, everything needs to be amazing. You’ve got to be able to deliver a result that a client cannot create on their own,”​ she says.
“It’s touching for us when a client chooses us to make their dream come to life. Seeing the transformation of a home and our client’s reaction to that; it’s the icing on the cake,”​ she adds.
In terms of what’s next for Bungalow Home, Tracey honours that her client’s place their trust in her and would love nothing more than to continue assisting people in creating the home of their dreams.
“How lucky are we that we get to go into several homes a week, use a different style, a different cushion and a different piece of art? [In terms of] what’s next for us, we’d love to continue styling beautiful properties while working with our amazing clients to enhance their lifestyle and family life.”
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