Down the Rabbit Hole Cellar Door & Winery

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Elise Cook has charmed the social media world with her approach to life; live freely and live slowly.  Elise's ethos echos that of Uniqwa, so when Elise and husband Domenic turned to us to furnish their latest project, Down the Rabbit Hole Winery, an organic, earthy and naturally modern space with a subtle degree of difference was created.

Down The Rabbit Hole Winery is a representation of both Elise and Domenic, of the balance they bring into each others lives and their love of nature.

We are proud to have been part of bringing their ideas and vision to inspire imagination with an attitude of adventure, to life. Our purpose is to continue giving our clients sanctuaries that they identify with on a deeper level.

Welcome to Down The Rabbit Hole ♡  


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